Three Things You Can Change Today (Even if You Feel Stuck)


Sad dog

Do you feel stuck in your life? Maybe you’re not where you want to be?

Don’t worry because I know how you feel.

There was a time when I felt stuck in life. I felt stuck because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life!

I hated my job and wanted a change. But to what? I had no idea.

I had no direction in life. I was out of shape. Most of my free time was spent on the computer or watching TV.

I was too tired to be social. All I wanted to do was relax at home after surviving another night at my horrible job.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I had all these dreams in my mind. I either kinda tried before quitting, or didn’t even try at all.

I had nights when I cried myself to sleep. It’s embarrassing to tell you, but it’s the truth. My life sucked that bad.

If you met me, I looked like I had it all. I had a 1900 sq ft house, a BMW and a house full of whatever I wanted to buy.

Inside I felt empty. Lost. Sad. Frustrated.

I felt stuck and nothing was going to come save me.

The Turning Point

I don’t know what was different about that one night in October 2010. It was another busy and stressful night at the restaurant where I worked. That was typical.

That night while driving home, I stared straight ahead with no emotion on my face. Inside though, I had lots of anger at myself. For so many years I’ve wanted to make a change but I hadn’t yet.

I had felt this way many times before, but that night was different. That night I had this strong feeling I finally had to make a choice. I could continue down this miserable path, or make a serious effort to have the life I wanted.

I made up my mind right then. I decided I had enough! I wasn’t going to accept the way my life had become.

I had to do something different. Anything was better than how I was feeling! Even if I failed, at least I was trying. If I succeeded, it could be life changing.

This time I wouldn’t stop until I created the life I wanted for myself.

It had been five years since I’ve wanted to find work that I loved to do. I needed to stop wasting time. I had to start now and keep working today, tomorrow and until I was satisfied.

I got home and typed a manifesto to myself. I taped it up to my wall and bathroom mirror. I needed to be reminded every single day.

I did NOT want to feel what I felt that night in the car ever again.

What did I change first?

Maybe selling everything I owned, move to a new city, and start fresh would have been the best idea. Sounds exciting, but it doesn’t change the most important aspect of the situation – me.

Actually I did that. I moved to Taipei and Sydney for two years before that. I had to get away from my job. I thought moving away would give me clarity for my future.

Though I had the best time of my life in those two years, and met my future wife, I came back home to the same crappy job. The same job I tried to get away from.

20 months after that two year hiatus, I drove home in October frustrated, sad and stuck.

Looking back now, I know why I didn’t get the results I wanted.

It’s because I didn’t focus on changing ME.

This time it would be different because I would start to change from the inside.

Changing from the inside out takes time and diligence, but the rewards are infinite.

No matter what is going on around us, we can always change the biggest factor in our success, well being, health, and happiness – ourselves.

Here are three areas you can start to change today, no matter your circumstances. I guarantee if you improve in these three areas, it’ll start a snowball effect for more great changes in your life.


I was very out of shape in October 2010. My pants were tight. I didn’t sleep too well at night. I just didn’t feel good about myself.

Improving my health was a top priority.

I set a crazy, but achievable goal of running a half marathon. I had never run that distance before, but I felt if I could complete a half marathon, I would be in pretty good shape.

I followed a beginner’s program and ran three miles the first week. It wasn’t easy, but every week I ran further and felt better.

I also started going to the gym twice a week to strength train.

I also changed my diet. If I was serious about losing weight, I knew I had to eat much cleaner.

Richard Branson, the billionaire entrepreneur of 400 companies, said that his #1 productivity tip is to workout. He said he gets twice as much done in a day when he does.

Why is that? When we exercise, endorphins start flowing. Because they are naturally produced by the body, endorphins are possibly the best (and most legal way) to achieve a natural high.

The more we exercise, the better we’ll feel about ourselves. We have more energy, less stress, combat disease, and sleep better.

When I felt fat and out of shape, I lacked confidence and motivation. I didn’t want to do anything.

Now I felt my mojo coming back. Overtime my body began to change. I was losing weight. I felt much better about myself.

It carried over into everything else I was doing. I had more focus into blogging and working on my first iPhone app.

In December 2010, I ran my first half marathon in 2:04. I had lost 15 pounds and felt amazing.


One huge lesson I learned was to start taking 100% responsibility for my life. I had heard it before, but now I really understood it.

Before I’d rely on luck or a miracle to change my life. It’s like I wanted a genie to come and grant me three wishes. I know it sounds ridiculous, but that was my attitude.

I didn’t want to take responsibility for my situation. I complained so much and placed the blame on others.

Not this time. Not any more.

I began to take my life into my own hands. Every choice I made would be up to me. If I chose to stay in my crappy job, that was my choice. I had to live with it and stop complaining.

If I wanted to start a blog or create an app, it was up to me.

Every result that I would achieve would be because of a choice I had made. If I wanted great results, I had to made the right choices.

I stopped waiting for life to begin and started to take control of my life.

If I didn’t realize this, I wouldn’t be in the situation I am in right now.


I started to realize that I was feeding my brain with dirty water for so long.

What’s dirty water? It’s news, gossip, pointless television shows, and mindless web surfing.

It was junk in and junk out. Blah.

What did I get from it? Self doubt, poor results and a lack of motivation.

If I really wanted to make positive changes to my life, I had to start feeding my mind with information that would actually help me.

I needed to fill my mind with clean water.

I cut way back on watching television. I stopped reading the local paper, which is garbage and full of negativity. I still spent a lot of time online, but doing more productive reading.

It was at this time I found blogs like Smart Passive Income and Think Traffic. I learned so much valuable info on starting a blog and business. I also got inspiration from learning about their success.

I began re-reading personal development books. I went to the library and checked out audio CDs to listen to in the car. I began reading inspirational stories. I listened to motivational speeches on Youtube.

I didn’t see massive changes overnight. That’s just not realistic. But at least I was doing things that were getting me closer to the type of person I wanted to be.

Little by little, I started to think differently. I had more motivation. My outlook on life brightened. My mood improved.

Changing what I fed my brain had a huge impact on the results I have achieved thus far.

Start Today

These are areas you can start working on right now. It doesn’t matter your circumstances.

If you live in a crack house with abusive parents, you can still work on changing what’s on the inside first.

What’s inside of us is the only thing we can control. We can’t control what happens around us. We can only control our own health, thoughts, behaviors, and actions.

When you start working on these three areas, results won’t happen instantly. Too many people will try it for a month and say “Nothing has changed. This is stupid. I give up.”

However if you make these positive habits and perform them consistently, the rewards are infinite.

Personally, I have seen such a big change in myself. My wife, who knew me back when I was miserable, says I’m a completely different person. She likes this version of me and so do I.

No matter where are you are in life right now, I encourage you to take a close hard look at these three areas. If you’re not happy with the results you’re getting, work on making some changes.

If you feel stuck in life and need a way to get unstuck, start by changing these three areas of your life first.


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73 responses to Three Things You Can Change Today (Even if You Feel Stuck)

  1. Accepting responsibility for one’s decisions and for one’s life is absolutely critical. That is step one, and the main step to feeling empowered again. Self-esteem, responsibility, ownership.

    Was your trip like a 2 year sabbatical Benny? What did you end up doing for income? Would love to read a post.



    • For a long time I didn’t accept responsibility. Nothing was my fault. I had to look at myself and face the truth. But you know what Sam? So many people don’t. They keep pointing fingers. They love to blame traffic for making them late. They blame the government for making them poor.

      As for my sabbatical, I planned on going just for three months. I had always wanted to go to Taipei and study Chinese since I graduated college. Instead I got a job and then a girlfriend so I never did. Finally we broke up. I was hating my job. I decided I had to go now. Three months turned into 1.5 year. I kept enrolling in another semester.

      Here is a post that tells a bit more about it.

      As for income, I definitely had help. It was a paid sabbatical. A benefit of working for my mom, even if I didn’t like my job. So that helped cover my mortgage. In Taipei, I had help from a wealthy and generous uncle. Very thankful. I did try once to get a job teaching English to little kids, and thought I had it, until I was told by my friend they don’t want an ABC. They want a white person. It happens sometimes there.

      Let me know if you want to know anything else about it!

  2. Benny – You are so right that you have to make the effort to work at staying positive and it can be like you said about doing three things a day. It becomes a compound effect and helps guide you in the right direction. It’s also the same if you do the wrong things. It can lead you down the path of destruction.

    It all becomes about making the right choices,taking action TODAY,and being around the right people. So many people want to take you to their crappy place because missery loves company.
    Bottom line is stay positive,take action, and hang with like minded people like yourself and the rest of the people who leave comments on this blog. Thanks for the post and the ideas

    • Hi Paul. You definitely understand the point of the post. The compound effect can lead to massive results. People just need to have faith in the small choices they make every single day.

    • You are right Paul. Benny, just do the right choices that you think that can make you responsible as a human being. We cannot blame anyone for our misfortunes. Stay positive and share ideas to people who understands you. Thank you for the post.

  3. “Action leads to more action”. I forgot where I heard that from, but it’s true. Sometimes, it just takes the smallest first step to eventually lead to multiple big steps. But you have to take action first. LIke you mentioned, you thought about doing a lot of things, and quit before actually doing them. To change who you are, you have to first know who you are inside, before you make adjustments.

    • The quote you gave is so true. Like another quote says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step.” It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other.

  4. Great personal insights, Benny. Thanks for sharing. I was in a similar situation (a job I hated) as you were.

    I experienced the same shift. It was literally overnight, but the work that it took to change the outside is on-going.

    A subtle internal shift creates massive changes over time on the outside.

    Congrats on all the successes that you’ve achieved and that inspiration that you are to others.

    • I’m glad to hear that someone else had a similar experience. I know so many people have a breaking point where they make a huge change. It could be someone very overweight who one day realizes it’s time to do something about it. Or an addict who had that moment when they knew they had to stop. It’s hard to explain how exactly it happens.

      Appreciate the kinds words Steve!

  5. “One huge lesson I learned was to start taking 100% responsibility for my life.”

    Benny, I love this post. This is my favorite of yours yet!

    Kudos to you on your ability to make yourself vulnerable and allow us to learn from your experiences. You have so many amazing things to say in this article, but the above quote was my favorite. It’s interesting how, when we make that choice to start taking responsibility for how we live, things become more manageable. We get our POWER back!

    Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Thank you amiga!! For so long I gave away my power. That’s why I felt like I couldn’t do anything with my life. When I truly began to live that lesson, I started to make better choices every single day. It got me off my butt and put me into action.

      Thanks for reading and sharing this post Amy!

  6. Nothing pays better than having a good health because health is welath.

    I’m planning to start a good workout as well to build my body and look great then i’d go for facial treatment.

    Thanks Benny for posting this.


    • Nice way to put i Sheyi. Health is wealth! A massage would be great too, but I know here in the US it’s too expensive for me. But taking care of yourself makes you more productive.

  7. Love the Dirty/Clean water analogy it’s prefect. Washing away the dirty cruddy water, and refilling it with some quality H20 was much like you, the best steps to having a better life and outlook on life.

    Great stuff benny!

    • When I heard about the analogy, the idea of consuming less negative info made a lot more sense. The old me was a miserable person! Lots of cruddy water filling my mind every day. Thanks Jeremy for your comment!

  8. Benny —

    I agree 100%, the core of a successful person as well as a happy person is a person who has first cultivated oneself.

    It’s kinda like that old school religious/spiritual principle – as within so without, change starts from within.

    I’ve also had similar moments a couple years back when I told myself “I will NEVER let myself feel this again, this is totally ridiculous and unacceptable.” Echoes a lot of what MJ Says in his book, that everything we do is about choice — thousands of mini choices that determine our wealth, our character and our happiness.

    We just need to man up and accept responsibility for it all and change it.. good to hear you had your revelation too!

    • Thanks! I just something else that will probably stay in my mind for awhile. When we do something we should think “Does it get me closer to my goal or further away?” It’s similar to what you mentioned about those thousands of mini choices. Too often people think it’s the big major decisions that have the biggest impact.

      Thanks for your comment!

  9. Hey Benny- Maybe your next tee shirts should be inspirational ones to keep people on track. Do a coffee mug to keep it in front of you every day! Looking forward to the next post and thank for the inspiration from the other comments. It’s good to se we all run into problems and learning to get back at it again is the first dign that your on your way to success. Thanks to all

    • Hey Paul that idea for the next tshirt is a good one! A coffee mug would be pretty awesome as well. Glad this post gave you some inspiration. We all have problems. It’s part of life. It’s just how do we respond to those problems that defines who we become.

  10. There comes the time that you feel that you’re stuck in a certain job and you didn’t like it anymore. In times like this, you should be stronger enough to handle whatever circumstances you’ve encountered. You must be responsible enough to decide what you really opt to in life. I think, this is normal as you are taking the path of life and way to your success.

  11. I agree moving away is not the solution if in yourself you did not change your insights/outlook in your life. When I was in that situation i ask God and he provide work while i am taking care my kids.And i found an online work that suit on me as a mother.

  12. POWERFUL! This might be one of the most inspirational things I’ve ever read, Benny. Thank you for sharing your story – I saw so much of my own experiences in the situations/feelings you mentioned.

    I love how you talked about trying to “get away” and how that doesn’t change the “me” that’s getting away. So true. There are no shortcuts. You have to take full responsibility and you feel SO much better when you do.

    • Getting away doesn’t really change anything. Like I said those two years were probably the best two years of my life, but that didn’t change anything about me and what I wanted to do for my future.

      Glad to know I’m not the only one that felt like this, though the feeling really sucks. I know looking back that night will be a huge turning point in my life. The night I finally decided to take responsibility for my life!

      Thanks again for the huge compliments on the post!

  13. Thanks for the reminder. I just need this! I had a slow down after a 3 week US holiday. AArggh. Can you suggest the best way to pump up my blog?! 🙂

    • Glad to give you a reminder!

      Ways to pump up your blog? First I’d change your header image w/ the iPad. Makes your blog confusing. Looks like it should be a blog about the iPad. I’d take away the Punchtab popup. I know what you’re trying to do, but people will be annoyed by it. What is your blog really about? You say it’s about your life, but do you think people will be interested about reading about your life? What’s interesting about it? Do you have a unique part of your life to share with people?

      If it’s a personal blog about your random thoughts, you have to think “How will what I share help people? Will they learn something? Will I entertain them? Will I make them laugh?”

      Finally, who is your target audience? If you were writing a post, think about the person you’re writing to. You can’t write your blog for everyone because then it’s too broad. No one will read it. To me, I have no clear idea who your blog is for.

      Hope that gets you started!

      • Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve been thinking some of these things but was probably too lazy to do so. Mine is a personal blog that is a sort of a start up of some other blogs where I will focus on some topic. Really appreciate the wake up call 😉

  14. Benny, really you are great that your tips are making us to overcome the fell stuck..
    great tips,Benny.. It’s good to se we all run into problems and learning to get back at it again is the first dign that your on your way to success.
    i agree with your points also..
    many thanks for sharing…

  15. i’m just going to say that i have to agree with everyone else Benny. Very inspirational. You have the knack for telling stories and maximizing motivation.

  16. Yup! you are absolutely right. Running away is not a better solution. Though you should face the problem, and try to fix it. That was an inspirational blog, thanks that you’ve shared.

  17. Good read, thanks. I’m 28 eek! Feel so lost sometimes. Where did my 20’s go? But I stay optimistic. Thanks for the post.

    • Hey Jose! I know that feeling! You’re still young though. I’m 34 and I definitely wish I could go back to being 28. Let that be a reminder to get busy living. Don’t waste your youth!

  18. Very inspirational post. Yeah! you are right, better to face the problem than running away. Thanks for letting me join the conversation.

  19. Great post, Benny. A really cool insight into the transformation of your life and the factors that led to it. I think a lot of us are in varying stages of the situation you found yourself in, where something was missing from life, even though it looked like everything one needed was there. A job, house, car, etc. And like you said, unless we look in the mirror one day and realize that the rectification process has to start with us, we will never be able to take that first step toward progress.


  20. Hello Benny, thanks for this very wonderful insight of yours and it makes me feel being empowered again. I notice most of these days I really feel that I’m stuck and do not feel good. My temper burst rapidly and I couldn’t control it. Thanks for sharing this one and I will look forward to apply all your advice.

  21. I’m fascinated by the Branson info. I’m sure he’s right. In particular if you got that workout done early morning and then rode that momentum throughout the rest of the day. I’m struggling with an injury now and won’t be able to workout for a while. Even though I”m eating fairly healthy, it still leaves you with a sluggish feeling. Maybe I’ll make up for it by overcompensating on the other two tips you offered. 🙂

  22. Benny,

    This is an amazing blog post that you wrote. You’re so correct with re-framing your entire life to really get the results that you want. I did this in late 2010 and I started to see immediate changes. I changed all of my friends, the places I went to, the clothes I wore, and the books I read. Once I started to do this my entire life started to change. I took back my life and turned myself into the ceo & founder of my life.

    I’ve enjoyed the growth of your blog.

    • Thanks for sharing how much of an impact re-framing your entire life can be. You made a good point about changing the clothes you wear. People tend to overlook that, but wearing nice clothes gives you more confidence and makes you act a bit more professional. Thanks for your comment!

  23. Awesome post, Benny!

    When it comes to health, I don’t do much (I don’t exercise, play or do anything that challenges me physically). I think it is time I start to care more about health. Thanks for the encourage, Benny!

    I can certainly relate back to several things like the one with Genie – In my life, I had several situations in which I had wished for a Genie (I also have made several plans on what I will ask for, sounds funny, but that was my attitude). But, right now, all that is gone. I clearly know my goals and I think I am going according to the plan so far. Hope everything works out fine.

    • Jeevan, try even just going for a fast walk. Get the heart rating going a bit. Sweat a little. You’ll feel better just from doing that. Try for at least 30 minutes.

      Happy to hear you’re taking your goals into your own hands! Much better than hoping for a genie. 🙂

  24. Thank you for the response and for the words. My 20’s flew by but I am definitely keeping optimistic. I am glad I found the blog.


  25. You know it’s funny, I hear a lot of people from my generation talk about quarter-life crisis and feel inspired by the movie Eat Pray Love then next thing you know they go on that sabitical away from it all. I represent the struggle, the ones who never thought to look outside because of no previous knowledge of resources to get out and by out I mean escape from our circumstances we were born into. I guess since I was never came from a privileged background where I could just up and leave in a way I’m Blessed. I had no choice but to find joy within my own misadventures. And you’re right no matter what side of the train tracks you come from, change begins with you, your attitude, and your determination amongst the chaos from the world around you to succeed. Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Thanks for that awesome comment. A sabbatical sounds so adventurous, but I know for me personally a sabbatical didn’t create the change I wanted. It’s cause I didn’t focus on changing me first. It just changed me temporarily, until I came back to the real world. Then I settled back into my old ways. You’re great proof that someone doesn’t need to go away to make the change they want to see in their life. Thanks again for sharing!

  26. I always think of the movie ‘City Slickers’ when trying to change for the better.

    I need to work more on the Influence part. I don’t watch a lot of TV anymore but I know I should be feeding my brain with something. I started reading fiction again but sporadically. I need to do this on a regular basis. Also, I keep on planning to do more contemplating in the right setting. I’ve done it twice in the past month and a half. Again, I need to do it on a regular basis.

    • Hey Glynis, think about what goals you have. Then focus on feeding your brain with information that’ll help you get closer to your goals. Like for me, I don’t read much fiction. If I’m reading, I’d rather read non-fiction. But if my goal was to write a fiction novel, I would be wise to read fiction to get inspiration. At least you’re aware of the changes you know you need to make.

  27. We are all so very happy Benny that you decided to take the necessary steps in order to change your life.

    Over the course of many years I’ve had friends complain to me about their lives and circumstances. I’ve always told them that it’s no one fault but their own. They have to take 100% responsibility for their own actions. It’s a hard thing to hear and an even harder thing to do. I admit that too. But the sooner you do, the sooner you will realize that you aren’t putting up with mediocracy any longer. Your life is more important than that, you are more important than that.

    I love that you can share your own experiences with us all and you are living proof that if you can do this, anyone can.

    Thanks Benny for sharing this with us and we are so glad you made these changes. Life is good now isn’t it!


    • I’m glad too! If I didn’t, I would haven’t met awesome people like you. It’s so hard to hear that it’s only their fault. It’s MUCH easier to blame someone or something else. But when people realize that they have the power to change their life, it can really be eye opening.

      Life is much better now for sure! Working everyday to make it even more so. Thanks for your comment Adrienne!

  28. hey Benny ! i am not too health concious these days all because of busy schedules. but after reading your post i am encouraged and its about time i take some serious steps towards my health.

  29. attitude attitude attitude! and accepting responsibility is key. you say it so well Benny. We have to stop plaing victim
    Noch Noch

  30. Amazing post it is full of so much inspiration i really enjoyed it and i thank you for sharing your post with us and i am sure it is going to help a lot of people get out of there stuck stage in life.

  31. Attitude is a huge one! It doesn’t matter what you do, if you don’t have the right perspective you will fail. It seems like such a cliche, but it is very true. I recommend reading “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor Frankl. Thank you for writing this, I hope your readers take it to heart.

  32. This is encouraging to know that even in the worst of situations, there hope. It’s good that you made it out of your bad situation with good spirits. So thanks for the encouraging word and advice Benny

  33. Healthy is definitely the most important factor for our lives. We can’t do anything without health 🙂

  34. Benny, this is what I missed when I was out of the blogosphere for quite sometime – your inspiring posts. Very inspiring and you are right the best time to make a change is today!

    Spatch Merlin
    How to Blog guide

  35. Not feeling stuck, but feeling the strain of a lot of upcoming transitions and your thoughts on maintaining health are encouraging and motivating and important. I know for me that is one of the first things I let go. Thanks for a great post Benny!

  36. Thanks Benny. Word for word this is my story too. Everyday I want to do more an be better than what I have been doing. I have to be aware and for right now take the little steps so I’m not overwhelming myself but still making progress and moving forward. I have one word for you. Arête.

    • Take those small steps Keith. You might not feel major changes, but one day you’re going to start seeing some great results. It’s better to run the marathon slow and steady, than to try and sprint as fast as you can. The same can be said for making changes.

  37. Congrats on all the successes that you’ve achieved. Always remember bad time flies soon.

  38. Indeed, one of the best slogans of all time is Nike’s “Just do it!”. We can talk about, think about, but if you just get up and do it, you will be much better about it.

    But we have to think through on what was wrong and avoid it. Really digged your post, sometimes is good to see something more personal around here.

  39. I agree for sure. But I feel like we’re making this into something that is achievable by anyone, we’re leaving out the people who come here and find no help.

    These people aren’t included, they are just a point I’m trying to make.

    Child soldiers, don’t choose to kill one another.
    Children of crack addicts don’t choose to keep unhealthy bodies.
    Paraplegics don’t choose to be out of shape.

    I feel that you’re so close to hitting something that I believe to be the only salvation in life. So close, but you seem to be stuck in the material world in your ideas.

    Salvation of the mind, is what we’re looking for. All of us, it applies to anyone, regardless of mental or physical issues. The Buddha taught this lesson millennium’s ago, and they hold true today.

    There is salvation, and it relies on exactly what has been entailed in this write up (great write up by the way), but it goes far deeper, without offense to the original poster, but if it didn’t go deeper than a single reading, why would monks spend their whole lives searching for it?

    • Amanda Lynn Spertell June 28, 2015 at 6:12 pm

      Well put and so true. Prisoners of war kidnap victims and children of abusive parents are helpless to their tormentors.

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    […] Three Things You Can Change Today (Even If You Feel Stuck) No matter what is going on around us, we can always change the biggest factor in our success, well being, health, and happiness – ourselves. […]

  2. Inspired By: Benny Hsu | Strong Inside Out - June 7, 2012

    […] didn’t know much about Benny’s journey until he posted “Three Things You Can Change Today (Even If You Feel Stuck)” on his blog, Get Busy Living.  I was blown […]