Tips to Make Your Flight Comfortable

In a few days, we will all be starting our monthly long journey taking so many flights. It’s going to be a mini-hotel room for a lot of us some nights. Others will be flying more times than they have ever the last few years combined!

Here are some tips that will help you stay comfortable on the plane so you can focus on relaxing.

1) Drink lots of water

The pressurized cabin is a dry environment. Humidity levels can be less than 20%. Your skin will be dry. Your body will be as well and then more prone to catching viruses. Everything I’ve ever learned about making traveling better is to drink lots of water. Avoid alcohol or soda with caffeine cause it acts as a diuretic and dehydrate you more. Once in awhile is okay but make sure you drink water in addition to it.

2) Keep your hands clean

I don’t want to know how dirty things are in an airplane. People touching it all day everyday and who knows how dirty those people are. Keep hands away from your eyes and mouth. Wash your hands regularly. Use a towel to open the bathroom door. I’m keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer for the whole month. It will be my good friend.

3) Take a Walk and Stretch

With all the flying we are doing, we will be spending hours at a time on an airplane. If you’re flying 3-6 hours, it’s a good idea to get up and walk up and down the aisle once an hour. Stretch. Sometimes in the back of the plane by the galley there is room to just stand if you are tired of sitting. You want your legs to get good circulation.

4) Eat light

It’s tempting to eat a big meal on the ground and then get on the plane and just let it digest for the new few hours. Because such foods can cause fluctuations in blood sugar and leave you feeling bloated and achy, be wary of them. Don’t go overboard on the free snacks JetBlue provides. It will be tempting to I know.

5) Remove your shoes

Make sure your socks and shoes smell good first! When you’re in the air, your feet will swell up from the pressure. Taking them off will feel much more comfortable. Easy slip on shoes would be helpful.

6) Wear loose clothes

It’s going to be a long flight and you want to be comfortable. Tight pants and tight shirts should be kept at home way in the back of the closet. Dress comfortable and you’ll appreciate it.

7) Get sleep when you can.

Traveling between different time zones is really going to mess up our internal clocks. Getting as much rest as possible is going to help when you arrive in a city and hit the ground running. Get some ear plugs, or listen to some music to help you sleep.

These travel tips are a good foundation to making every flight a comfortable one. Please add more in the comments before if you have a great tip!

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2 responses to Tips to Make Your Flight Comfortable

  1. Anybody know if there are showers anywhere in any airport terminals? I’ve heard there are some for crew. Considering we may have to sleepover to make those 6:00 a.m. flights I may be needing one!! Also where are those sleeping “pods.” Think I read there are some at JFK????