Triberr: How One Post Can Be Tweeted to 380,870 Followers

Last month I was reading a blog post about getting traffic to your website by creating a tribe of Twitter users who tweet out your post once a week. You would do the same for everyone in your tribe. The benefit is that you would be able to reach your group member’s followers and in return driving more traffic to your blog. I thought that was brilliant but that group had closed a long time ago.

Then last week I’m reading another blog post about this website called Triberr. It’s started by Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo. This is how they sum up what they do.

Every time you publish a new post, Triberr sends it to everyone in your tribe and they automatically tweet it to their followers. You do the same for everyone in your tribe. They have it setup so the tweets by members in your tribe are spread out in case you have some of the same followers.

I thought this was something I wanted to join. However the only way to get in is to be invited. You can’t sign up.

The next day I get a message from Kevin at the Smart Income Blog, who’s blog I enjoy, who reached out to me on Twitter and asked if I wanted to join Triberr. What a coincidence! Of course I did. He sent me an invite and I joined his tribe aptly called “The League of Extraordinary Bloggers”. Kevin is a comic book fan, hence the cool name.

Once in his tribe, there were four other people besides him. All experienced bloggers and a couple I’ve come across while going from blog to blog. I felt honored to be in this group since I feel like the new blogger.

So Kevin is the leader of this tribe and gets to invite whomever he wants. You can have up to 7 people in your tribe. There are ways to increase that number too. So my posts get RT automatically by each of the people in the tribe. Currently the total reach for 5 total members is 5,837. Much better than my reach of 131 followers. There is the Jaffa tribe that has 11 members and a reach of 380,870 followers. Staggering numbers.

You invite who you want. So you’re getting real people. Not pictures of eggs or bots who spam sales links. You can leave the tribe if you want. As chief you can remove members from the tribe if warranted.

Now that I’m invited to Triberr I can create up to three of my own tribes. I can name them whatever I want and invite whoever.

The best part about it is it’s free.

I love the concept and really think it’ll become one of the next big web properties for social media. Everyone is trying to get more traffic and get their blog or brand seen by more people. This is one way to do it. It’s not spamming people. It’s doing it in a legitimate way.

Triberr is fairly new so they’re constantly improving the service. I believe it’s great now but I know it will only get better.

I’m working on building my tribes so if you’re interested in joining Triberr send me a message at bhsu21 (at) aol (dot) com.

Here is a video explaining how it works if you want to learn more.

About Triberr


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16 responses to Triberr: How One Post Can Be Tweeted to 380,870 Followers

  1. Dude….awesome post. Thnx for a cool write up 🙂

    You touched on a very interesting aspect of Triberr that I’ve been thinking about exploring. The Tribal names.

    The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is a pretty cool name. What if we had a Coolest Tribe Name context? We have people vote and give Triberr credits (bones) to the winner. Or #TrigerBlood…one of the two 🙂

    What do you think? And since the idea cam from your post, it would be great if you got involved on some level. You have my email…hit me up 🙂


    • I think that’s a great idea! I think it’d get people to come up with some great names. I’ll send you an email.

  2. What an interesting idea.

    Have you been tracking the click thru rates from twitter? I mention this only because I tested a campaign a few months back using twitter as a traffic source for my blog. I basically tried to increase my follower count by following anyone that had a pretty equal following/follower ratio. But the experiment pretty much bombed because there were so many spammy users on twitter that most of the people that didn’t know me or follow me personally weren’t responding to my links.

    But it seems like the people you’re tweeting using this strategy would be more responsive.

    • Hey Paul, I’ve seen since I’ve joined Triberr and my latest posts, two of them, have been sent out, I’ve gotten 13 clicks from Twitter. Now I know it’s not a lot but creating great headlines is part getting people to click on the links too.

      I haven’t tried sending offers with it yet because I haven’t been promoting anything on my blog yet. That will come later. Right now I’m just focusing on content and building an audience.

      From what I’ve learned on Twitter so far is that you can’t just create an account, follow a bunch of people and send out links hoping people will click on them. You know about Fiverr right? Well they have some people offering to send your link to their 50K followers. One guy did that in a forum I read and got ZERO clicks to his offer. It was even free. People may follow you but if they don’t trust what you have provided beforehand to them, they’ll be less likely to click on what you have to offer in the future.

      So you need to be active with that account. Send links to news they might be interested in. RT stuff. Jump into conversations. You want to appear to be a real person. I’m doing this now with my upcoming iPhone app. I’m trying to get as many followers as I can before it’s released. So I followed a bunch of people who I think might be interested in my photo app but I also sent news information about iphone stuff, quotes about photography, commented on people’s photos they sent and RT’d some too. I want to grow my credibility so when my app does come out, people hopefully will be excited by it and want to share it with their followers.

      Ok this is a long reply, send me an email if you want to talk further about this concept. 🙂

      • I think your approach is right. I still not sold though on using twitter as a way to make real lasting connections. The conversations just seem so brief with the character limit and the topics so transient in nature. I’m also not in the habit of following random people, so maybe I haven’t given people the chance to develop credibility and trust.

        But I would be really interested in seeing how this tactic works out for you. Hope you do a followup writeup!

        • I don’t think Twitter is a way to make a lasting connection either. Yes 140 characters is way too hard. I believe you can do more on their blog or email. I think Twitter is a way for most people to share their content to get people to their blogs. It’s for sharing quotes. Some people share random stuff with their friends of followers of hundreds of thousands. There are celebrities that get paid to Tweet certain things. Five figures I think just for a tweet!! Insane!! Also even if you’re not into conversations on Twitter it’s the place it seems now for breaking news. Plus it just seems like Twitter is where most people are so I wanted to take a look and see what all the fuss was about. I’ll let you know how it goes!

        • I didn’t see Twitter as a way to make lasting connections either, but woulnt you know that Dino and I met via Twitter. Now the two of us are building Triberr. So it’s certainly possible to make real connections on there.

          The key is to meet people on twitter, then make the connection stick via commenting on blogs or through email/fb.

          I’ve also noticed that when people share a tribe on Triberr, they often have much stronger relationships with their tribesmen, because they reading and commenting on each others stuff.

          • I agree with you Dan. I haven’t been on Twitter long but I see it as a way to meet people and learn more about them through their blogs and email. I’m sure there have been many initial connections made via Twitter. I met some great people so far from seeing them on Twitter and have connected more away from it. I’m sure people met on Twitter and eventually got married!

            Thanks for commenting Dan!

          • Hey Benny!
            I’ve spent a ton of time over the last 6 months trying to understand Twitter and build a following. It really is a TON of work, but I think Dan Cristo is right. You can make some great connections.

            One thing I found completely shocking is the total strangers who will respond to you if you Tweet them. I’m working on a book and have asked some big names (in my opinion) for quotes or interviews via twitter and I’ve not been turned down yet. Gary Vaynerchuck even responded to a Tweet…I know that’s his schtick that he is connected, but I was floored.

            One good tool I’ve found to measure your success is Klout. (I think this is the link … had difficult time getting url w/o my own twitter account attached). It gives you the real scoop on how well you’re doing. For instance, I have almost 7,000 followers, but my true network according to Klout is only 2,500 based on retweets, mentions and the influence of my followers. The rest fall into the spam category that Paul mentions above. It’s also cool to monitor your Klout score (based 1-100) of influence. Feeds directly into my need to be goal oriented.

            Nice post Benny!

          • Hi Kathy!

            I started Twitter 3.5 months ago though I’ve had an account since 2008. I just followed celebrities and the news on it. Hahaha. Now that I’m using it more for networking and unfollowed all those celebs, I’m enjoying it more.

            I have heard that people will help you out if you just ask. I haven’t personally reached out to bigger names for quotes or interviews but from the people that have they say the same thing as you. A blogger even got Gary V to take him to a New York Jets game through Twitter.

            Very interesting about Klout. I’ve seen it mentioned from the people I follow. I’ve never tried but think I will just to see what my score would be.

            Thanks for sharing Kathy! I learned a lot from your comment.

  3. Hey Benny, this is awesome.

    Yes, the click through rate might be low but, it’s sharing (and building, and networking, and engaging)! lol

    • I agree. I’m not worried about the click thru rate right now. It’s definitely nice to meet other great bloggers this way.

  4. Great post Benny. I just registered too.

    • Thanks! It’s a great tool and I really think it’s going to be the next big thing for Twitter.

  5. Benny,

    This is something that I want to participate in. Ping me on twitter: @ProductivityBit

    Thanks for sharing this!


  6. I am not on twitter, but this sounds like a good idea in theory. I guess I need to start tweetin.