What I’m Thankful for This Year

Thank You

So much has happened in 2011 and it’s not over yet. It’s going to be one of those years when I look back 10-20 years from now as a huge turning point in my life. For starters I got married in October! Then I had a week when I made $15,548! I don’t know which one I was more excited about. Let me think. I’m joking of course. Don’t tell my wife I had to think.

The plan is to not rest on what I’ve accomplished this year, but use this as a foundation for the future.

Earlier this year, I wrote about the importance of gratitude in my 30 day gratitude challenge. It shouldn’t just be done once a year at Thanksgiving, but something we do every day like showering and brushing your teeth. The power of gratitude has been scientifically proven. You can have more health, more wealth, and increase happiness. Wouldn’t we all want that?

I have lots of things to be thankful for this year, and I’m sure spending 5-10 minutes a day to be thankful has helped shape my life.

Today, I want to take a moment to share what I’m thankful for this 2011. At the end in the comments, it’d be great to share some things you’re thankful for.


1. Clean drinking water. It’s my favorite drink.

2. Having at least three good meals a day.

3. Having the sense of smell, touch, sight, taste and hearing.

4. Ten fingers including two thumbs. Life is hard without thumbs!

5. Two healthy legs that let me move around freely and without pain.

6. A comfortable bed to sleep in every night.

7. Having a great house with everything I need.

8. My family all being healthy.

9. Being able to pay all my bills on time every month.

10. My amazing wife.

11. Traveling to Bali, Indonesia for the first time and staying here.

12. College and NFL football on the weekends.

13. Oreo cookies, Chinese food, ice cream, BBQ ribs, and pizza. Basically all foods.

14. Computers and smartphones for learning, creating, entertaining, and connecting.

15. The internet and social media.

16. Laughing every single day.

17. Having our Las Vegas wedding with Elvis go smoothly.

18. Hot showers in the winter and cool showers in the summer.

19. Having my dream come true and having an iPhone app, Photo 365.

20. Having Photo 365 become App of the Week (still in shock).

21. Making $4,739 in a weekend and then $15,548 in one week.

22. Starting Get Busy Living from no readers to having thousands of people a month like you read it.

23. Being able to use my creativity in different ways.

24. Getting to know others this year that inpsire me.

25. Every email I’ve gotten about questions for help, my e-book, or the subscriber emails (sign up in the sidebar) I send out.

26. Having a great community who share my posts and leave comments.

27. The chance to be interviewed here, here, here, here, and here.

28. Every single person that has bought a Get Busy Living T-Shirt!!

29. Finally taking control and taking action in my life.

30. Being safe and healthy this year.


What about you?

What are some things you’re thankful for? Take a moment and let us know.


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51 responses to What I’m Thankful for This Year

  1. Great post, gratitude is something we can all have more of. I’m thankful that you agreed to do the interview about Photo365!

  2. Congrats on your success that you have had this year. We’re going to have to chat more about these ventures that you got yourself into as I’m always looking to learn more from some great people.

  3. Benny, it’s been some time since I’ve dropped by, and it’s wonderful to see all the great things you’re doing. Bravo and congratulations…first, on your marriage (from someone who’s been happily married for 33 years:), on your amazing business accomplishments and on your obvious happiness with your life and business.

    There are so many things to be grateful for, where to start?

    I’m thankful and grateful for: my family and friends, clean water, fresh air, the senses to take it all in and the sense to appreciate it all. Cheers! Kaarina

    • Thank you so much Kaarina! It’s been a great year so far and i know next year will be even better. I have lots to be thankful. Fresh air is something to be thankful for. I’ve been in cities with smog, so having fresh air is so nice. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wonderful post Benny and thank you for sharing this with us. Great reminder for all of those you have yet to share what they are grateful each and every day.

    Well, my list is way too long to put in a post but I’m grateful for having met you and gotten to know you much better. I’m so happy for you and how your life has gone just this year alone. All good things come to those who wait right! You have so much to be thankful for! 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving Benny and I hope you and Eleanor have a wonderful day together with family and /or friends. Stay safe!


    • Thank you Adrienne! Yes my year wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t met you. I’m looking forward to the next 12 months being even better for the both of us! I’m still recovering from all the food I ate yesterday. Great food and lots of fun though. Hope your Thanksgiving was great as well!

      • Ah, the next 12 months will be even better then this year was. 🙂

        I’m still recovering myself Benny. Wonderful time with my family and way too much fabulous food. But oh so worth every bite! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Congratulations on your recentl wedding and your recent financial gains! May your great work and excellent living continue to attract success in your life in 2012!

    Gratitude is one of my favorite topics to blog about, and certainly a favorite practice in my life every day.

    I am grateful for oh so many things, and since this is a comment on your blog I’ll share just a few:

    ~360+ days of Colorado sunshine
    ~vibrant blue skies
    ~gainful employment with the opportunity for growth
    ~making progress, not perfection
    ~daily practice of self-care
    ~daily practice of gratitude
    ~laughing with friends
    ~publishing weekly blog posts for the last 8 months
    ~moving from WP.com to self-hosted WP.org
    ~not needing life to go my way to be happy

    Have a grateful life!


    • Thank you Chrysta! Having a taste of success makes me want to work harder the next 12 months to keep the momentum going.

      I love your list. Thank for sharing some. Having self hosted WP is much better right? I tell new bloggers if they are serious, to go that route. Have enjoyed the positivity you spread since meeting this year and look forward to more!

  6. I”m thankful for the people like you and those who provide great comments so that we can all share in getting to success. Happy Thanks Giving to all and to all some good feasting

  7. What a great list of blessings to be thankful for, Benny!

    The more we can be thankful, the more we walk around through life truly feeling appreciative of what makes life so wonderful, the happier and more fulfilled life will be for us.

    Thanks for sharing your list with us.

  8. Benny,

    You are an awesome guy who deserves all the success that you have achieved. Congratulations on an incredible year and on getting married 🙂 .

    It’s so true, particularly for 99.9% of the population in the Western world. We have so much yet take it for granted.

    This post has helped me to be thankful for all the wonderful people and things in my life.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Speak soon

    • Thanks Robert! It’s been a fun year, but I’m hoping 2012 will be even better. Gotta work hard to make sure that happens. We have lots to be thankful for. Hope you’re doing well too!

  9. What a heck of a year Benny. That’s awesome bud!!

    Your momentum is just beginning my man, and I’m looking forward to watching you more in the future.

    Continuous gratitude,


    • Thanks so much Marcus! I want next year to be even better, so I know I’ll have to put in more work to build up that momentum. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family!

  10. I am thankful for my wife and kids. For a home. For family. For the chance to help people learn languages better. For good friends and decent health.

  11. In no particular order…

    My health
    My family
    My daily yoga practice
    Twix bars
    The new Get Busy Living t-shirt
    My business
    My dog

    Benny – thanks for the push. This is something I need to be doing every month, at least!

    • Thanks for sharing your Ruth. I love those Twix bars too. Still have some leftover from the Halloween candy. It sits in my kitchen and stares at me. Glad you go the shirt. Hope it fits well! A picture of you in it would be great in the near future! Need a female model to show the ladies how it looks. 🙂

  12. Awesom post once again Benny, one thing that I’m thankful for is being able to live this amazing life with all the awesome stuff that comes with it. Oh, and being able to give back

  13. The start of this year of my life was really bad. A lot of professional hazards, family problems, economic pressure etc. After July, it started getting a bit good for me. I started my new business and now it is going fantastic. I have got a lot of clients. Few days earlier, got a little a shock from the one I liked very much (though she didn’t like me at all). Overall I will say, this year was with a lot of happenings for me and it is not over yet :).

    • Thanks. Glad to hear things got better after the rough start! Yes it’s great it’s not over yet. Lots of great things will happen. Don’t worry if she didn’t like you. That just means there is someone out there better for you.

  14. Great post Benny.

    I am just thankful I can get up every day and have another chance to make something happen. I have been able to overcome 2 illnesses this year that were pretty serious. The Lord is truly amazing and even though I want more than I have, I am thankful for what I do have. I am thankful for a loving family and good friends. There is so much to be thankful for!

  15. This is a great post! One should always be thankful for everything – even if it is truly ‘little’ like a piece of bread or water, because there are a lot of people without that…. look at the Northern parts of Africa for instance.

    Thanksgiving shouldn’t be the only time we give thanks, it should be everyday 🙂


  16. Very good post. A lot of us are often so obsessed with what we don’t have that we forget to be thankful every day for the things we do have. When we’re sick, we realize good health is the most important thing of all yet other times when we’re healthy, we don’t give a second thought about it and how down on luck are those who are suffering in various parts of the world and don’t even get daily meals sometimes.

    In the end, we must all be thankful for good health, family, friends and food. And anything else is just a bonus!


  17. Read all things that you thanks for, I find also there are so many same things I should thanks for, thanks for friends, working, my warm bedroom, my pet cat and and ….even the persons hate me, 😀 because them always remind me to make improvement and keep progressing.

  18. Love your list Benny! It was awesome getting to interview you. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I had a great one and also got some practical stuff on sale for Black Friday which was nice. It’s been an exciting and fun year and I have so much I’m thankful for, especially blogging and overcoming my severe back pain I had in the spring. Stress really does bad things to the body! Congrats on all your successes this year! -Sydney

    • Thanks Sydney. Been a pleasure seeing your writing and work over at Untemplater. Been even better getting to know you. I had a great Thanksgiving! Not a traditional Thanksgiving, but we had some homemade Korean food. We watched football and then played mahjong, a traditional Chinese game. So fun!

      Glad to hear the severe back pain is gone! Congrats on your success this year as well!

  19. Benny,

    What a great year you have had and you have allot to be grateful for.

    I am grateful for my family, friends and my faith among other smaller things.

    Thank you for writing a post on being grateful we all need to think about what we are grateful for more often.

    Dee Ann Rice

    • Hey Dee Ann,

      Thanks for sharing! Writing this post and reading what others made me think about what we should be grateful for more often.

  20. Thanks for reminding me about making a gratitude list. It always helps me get out of a funk. Here’s mine:
    My husband
    My dog
    Warm comforters
    Walks by the beach
    socks that fit well
    PJs with dog prints
    close parking spots
    soy milk
    organic food
    seat heaters in my car
    flowers that bloom in the winter

  21. i didn’t think i’d say this last year, when in depths of my depression and suicide attempts i found no reason to live. a year on now, i’m thankful i’m still breathing, i’m thankful my fiance took care of me these tough two years, and i’m thankful for all these people on the blogosphere who’ve inspired and encouraged me to live another day

  22. Awesome thankful list. I too am thankful for the oreo cookie…simple and sublime.

    I’m also thankful for the network of people I have met through the blogging world, yourself included Benny.

    On a side note I just got my first iPhone the other day, which I am extremely thankful for, and could not wait to download photo 365! Really awesome app. Kudos.

    Have a great week!

    • Thanks Chris! Glad to hear you got your first iPhone. Hope you’re loving it as much as I do. Did you get the iPhone 4S? Thanks for downloading my app as well. Check out Instagram if you’re a photo lover. Great app and it’s free.

      Glad to have met you as well this year. Going to go read about your marathon now!

  23. Great list and congrats on all the success.

  24. It was a mixed year for me with a lot of happenings. Got some new friends who are really very good and helpful. In the 11.11.11, we had a lot of fun which is unforgettable.

    • Glad you had some great times this year. So next year 12.12.12 will be a reason to have some fun again right? Thanks for your comment!

  25. Hi Benny,

    Great post! It’s so refreshing to read your post. It has really inspired me to continue aspiring and reaching forward to my goal.

    An inspiring way to start 2012 by giving thanks for the many blessings.

    • Thanks Sonia for reading! Hope you make 2012 a year full of great goal achieving. A great way to start any day is to give thanks for what we have. 🙂 Thanks for your comment.

  26. You’ve been blessed Benny. And I’m pretty sure this year you’d have more. It’s a good habit to list down those things that you are thankful for. Then you’d realized at the end how blessed you are. This is one secret in staying happy. One can whine, moan and groan or take time to learn, laugh and love. The choice is always ours. I choose to count my blessings each day because I want to laugh, love and I want to enjoy life.

    S. Merlim
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    • Spatch, I’m very lucky and it took me a long time to be thankful for what I have. Glad to hear you take time to count your blessings. It’s so overlooked. So many people would benefit more if they took the time to say thanks.

  27. Wonderful post Ben!
    Gratitude is the best attitude!!!
    I’m thankful for your blog!
    I’m thankful for every single breath I take!
    I’m thankful to be alive!
    I’m thankful for the amazing means that internet is!
    I’m thankful for all my past, my present and the future I’m gonna make!
    ….wow, this could become the longest reply ever so I’ll stop here knowing that this list could be endless!!!