Why We Have to Hustle to Succeed


In life if there’s something you want, you have to go and get it. No sitting around waiting for it to come to you. Sit too long and it’ll be gone. To achieve the life you want, it takes action. It’s time today to become a hustler in life. I am and you should do.

In a private webinar I participated in Tuesday night (more on specifics later), they gave us homework. The homework for the week was to answer three questions.

I’m suppose to answer them and share it with only the members of the group. Instead I want extra accountablity and am going to share with you all.

The reason is because I want you to know a little more of my story. I’m opening up to you. These are my honest answers.

(If you’re trying to figure out if you’re on the right path, answer these questions yourself.)

Question 1: You’re at a party and someone asks what you do for a living. What do you say?

Answer: I work at a family restaurant

Question 2: How does that make you feel?

Answer: Horrible!!! I feel ashamed. Embarrassed. Far from proud. Disgusted on the inside because I let myself work at a job I dislike for the last five years. If I were to talk about it for ten minutes, it would be about what I don’t like about it. I don’t even like to talk about it for one minute.

Question 3: How do you wish to answer that question?

Answer: I’m a blogger that helps people live a more positive, productive and passionate life. I help them reclaim control of their lives and bring out the best they have to offer to the world.

In addition, I have multiple online businesses that allow me to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Furthermore, I share my knowledge of creating this kick ass lifestyle so anyone can enjoy it as well.

Ahhhh…that last answer feels good.

The first two questions were easy but painful to answer. I’ve answered them way too many times. The worst is when they ask if I’m going to take over the family business. I usually just joke around at the answer but I would love to say “%!@$ no”.

My last answer is my new found vision for my life which started brewing last October. (FYI I have a guest post on Ending the Grind coming on Monday that has more detail. Stay tuned.)

This is why I started Get Busy Living. I’ve always been a student of personal development. When I was down in the dumps years ago, I turned to books. I even got so stressed that I developed shingles, which is chicken pox resurfacing again if you didn’t know. Not fun!!

My first personal development book was Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways. The reasons for fear all made sense. The solutions sounded so easy. The hard part was taking action.

My life was going in circles and I kept reading but not doing what they suggested and therefore kept wondering why I was still unhappy with my life? I expected miracles to happen.

Man on a Mission

shuttle launchPhoto by lecates

Now I’m taking what I’ve learned and fully applying it to all parts of my life from my thoughts, my attitude, and the goals I want to achieve.

This blog is my journey. I hope on this blog you will see me grow. In return I want to recruit people to do the same things I am doing. Whether that is

-changing your attitude about life

-changing your thoughts

-inspiring you to take action

-help finding what makes you wake up every morning feeling excited to be alive

-pinching yourself every day that you live this awesome life

Let’s Talk Business

The last component in my answer in question three is building online businesses.

In my 11 years since I left college, I’ve figured out…

-I don’t like the restaurant industry

-I don’t like going door to door (did it for a day and was the longest day of my life!)

-I don’t like working just for a paycheck.

Before I used to think “show me the money!!” and all would be well in my life. It’s soooo far from the truth.

It’s going to take more. It’s going to take pursuing my passions. I would rather be paid less than I do now but control my own hours and, more importantly, do what I love.

I don’t need to be a millionaire but just enough to cover living expenses, support my  family, giving back, and traveling.

I’m not looking to only work four hours a week. No no no. I have no problem at all doing the work. I just don’t want to do work for work’s sake. I want to do work that means something to me. The best work is when it doesn’t even feel like work.

Life is too short as I wrote about last time. I’m tired of doing meaningless work for the past eleven years.

The Plan for Success

I wrote those questions  and answers to you because I want to be accountable. The more people know about what I say I’m going to do, the more I have to follow through.

It’s part of a program called “The Hustle Project” (aff link) started by Corbett Barr and Adam Baker. They both have two of the biggest blogs in highly competitive niches, building traffic to your website and personal finance, respectively. If you don’t know about their blogs, I highly recommend it after your finish reading.

The tagline for the project is “Stop talking about your online business…start building it.

They’re both successful in their own right. Both have created online businesses that let them enjoy life. Corbett lives in San Francisco but spends 6 months out of the year in Mexico. Adam drives travels around the country in an RV with his wife and child. How cool is that?

The formula they’ve created is Action + Accountability = Momentum.

I wrote about the importance of momentum to become successful in any area of your life. These guys believe that 100%.

How does it work?

The program consists of two webinars a month. The first was 90 minutes where they talked about generating an idea and finding a market you want to target. The information was golden.

Afterwards they answered all questions asked. All this material is posted for members who were not able to attend the live webinar or to re-watch again.

The future webinars all will focus on a different aspect about online businesses.

(Today Corbett actually added one of the bonus webinars on his blog which anyone can view. It’s called “Three ways to surround yourself with passionate and successful people“.)

Every time there are actions steps we need to take. This week it was questions to answer. We are suppose to share that in our profile under the “accountability section”. They didn’t suggest writing a post about it but I thought why not?

They expect everyone to take action after every webinar. Share that action in your profile. It’s a key component.

It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know.

This program came at a perfect time for me

I’m excited to be a part of this and know that it’s going to take me to levels of success I’ve never seen before. Corbett and Adam have been there, done that, and are sharing that knowledge with whoever wants to join.

Because the information is so valuable, they have to charge for it. I understand that. If it was free, they wouldn’t be able to give personal attention to each member during and after. They’re looking for serious people who want to start or improve their online business.

It’s a monthly fee of $97. I know you might be thinking “yikes!” The price may seem high but I look at is as an investment in my future. I know I easily spend more than $97 on useless stuff like eating out a few times a month. I’ve also spent more money on things I thought would make me happy but now sit and collect dust.

This is going to be more valuable than the thousands I spent on my college education for sure.

This information is free on the internet but the internet is massive! I could spend all my free time looking for that information and coming across good and the plain bad.

They cut through the crap and share what has worked for them. Saves me time to focus on blogging and doing more productive things.

The great part of this too is the community. There are pages that list all the members and you can click on their profile and read their top three goals, their accountability profile, and why they’re doing this. It’s a great way to meet like mined people who are part of the Hustle Project for the same reasons.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. If anything try it out, listen to the three webinars leading up to the launch, and listen to Tuesday night’s webinar to see if it’s for you. A total of four. Risk free. However if your goals are simliar to mine, you will love it.

There are bloggers that I’ve met and connected with who are a part of this like Caleb at Pocket Changed, David at Life Excursion, and Annie at Adventurous Living. All great people to know if you haven’t yet. From what I know about them, they are all driven to succeed to have financial freedom and doing work on their own terms.

I understand if it’s not for you. If you take away anything from reading it should be this.

You have to take action to get what you want. Be a hustler. Find someone who will keep you accountable for your actions. Build momentum.

Now it’s your turn. Take time to answer the three questions from earlier. Keep them to yourself or share in the comments below.  I’d love to hear your answers.

The title of the post is a shot out to the best hustler online, JK Allen.

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  • Question 1: You’re at a party and someone asks what you do for a living. What do you say?

    Answer: I am a Caddy at East Lake Golf Club, and in working towards getting into medical school.

    Question 2: How does that make you feel?

    Answer: Terrified of half a million dollars in debt if I have to take out loans for tuition and to support my family (wife and 3 kids). Being a caddy is not terrible, I really enjoy school. Is it bad that all I can think is that I don’t want to be “just” a doctor?

    I want to do something significant and being able to make decisions based on the merit of that decision and not on my finances.

    Question 3: How do you wish to answer that question?

    Answer: I would like to be able to say that I am a doctor who challenges the common assumptions of the medical community. Over the years, there have been thousands of commonly held beliefs that turned out to be flat out wrong. I am a doctor who is able to challenge the establishment without fear of reprisal and financial ruin.

    …just off the top of my head.

    • Benny

      Graham. Thanks so much for sharing!!

      That kind of debt is scary for sure. Have you gotten accepted or still applying? What kind of medicine do you want to practice?

      • Still applying – it’s about an 18 month process…so I’ll let you know!

        I don’t know exactly what I want to specialize in – my problem is that I’m super interested in everything. The brain is what got me into it in the first place, but then we spend a month on the heart and circulatory system in Human Phys and I’m hooked on being a cardiothoacic surgeon.

        Then, after I started loosing some weight and began researching fat metabolism, hormone interaction with genetics, and how there are societies around the world that NEVER get cancer, strokes, obesity, or any other western disease, I want to do some kind of metabolic research.

        So at this point, who knows?

        What I want mostly is to be able to make the decision to change from one to the next without risking losing my house.

  • I can relate to the answers to your questions. I quit a job that made me miserable, sick and exhausted a few months ago. It was a job that sounded really cool when I told people what I did for a living, but it was slowly killing me.

    I’m not sure I have an answer to the third question yet, but I’m working hard to figure it out!

    • Benny

      A job might be cool to one person but not cool for another. I read a blogger who was working in NYC around celebs and parties and most people would think that’s cool, including me but it wore her down cause it didn’t fulfill her.

      That third question is the hardest for sure!!

      Thanks so much for sharing!

  • I wonder if Corbett and Adam took a cue from Jk when naming their project. 🙂

    I actually came across this program and it sounded interesting. Admittedly the price was a bit of a turn off. I’m still up in the air about it though.

    I definitely feel like I need to add accountability to force more PRODUCTIVE action on my part. But thought it might be worth the effort to build my own mastermind group.

    But still thinking about this program.

    • Benny

      Hahaha. I think someone, I forgot who said it, thought this was a product JK was putting out. LOL!

      I understand completely. They attribute a huge part of their success to their mastermind groups. They were in one together with and Karol from Ridiculous Extraordinary. All three are doing amazing things today. Very powerful tool if you have the right people.

      I thought if I needed this too but I like Corbett and Adam. They are genuine people really wanting to help and their style of writing and teaching appeals to me. Instead of me guessing what I should be doing next they lay it all out and expect action.

      Three months ago a program like this wouldn’t be a good fit for me. Now it is.

      Always good to see you here Eugene!

    • Eugene, I thought the same thing about the name “JK”. I contacted JK and said that i thought it was about him. LOL. Obviously it wasn’t.

      The price is steep, but it’s actually keeping me super inline with my goals. Or atleast i hope so. It’s only been a few days. But so far i really love the content and highly recommend it…..

      Ask me in a few months..

      • Benny

        Actually I believe it was you who asked! I think I saw you tweet about it. 🙂

  • Everyone should know what they want, and be very determined to achieve it despite what problems that are in your way. Only people with positive mindset and take positive action will have more chance to succcess

  • Question 1: You’re at a party and someone asks what you do for a living. What do you say?

    Answer: None.

    Question 2: How does that make you feel?

    Answer: There’s a feeling of disappointment in me right now not because I don’t have a job but I have to answer none. None because a business venture of mine failed and I couldn’t consider something that does not produce income as a source of living.

    Question 3: How do you wish to answer that question?

    Answer: I’m a Ceo of my Own Company.

    Thank you for Sharing the Questions, Benny!
    I realized that being asked with Uncomfortable Questions can lead into two things; Action or Procrastination.

    I am currently procrastinating because of fear, fear of failing again but hey, I thinks it’s about time to conquer that fear.

    • Benny

      Thanks for sharing Armand! It’s not easy to open yourself up especially when talking about disappointment.

      I understand that fear for sure. Check out that book I mentioned in my post if you want to learn how to break your fears.

  • Question 1: You’re at a party and someone asks what you do for a living. What do you say?

    Answer: None, I’m a student and get paid to study. Isn’t that swell?

    Question 2: How does that make you feel?

    Answer: Fine to be honest. I’m doing my bachelor and once that’s done I’m moving back home and starting a business. However the education is a must for me. I need to know the industry etc. to even attempt at starting something big. So after 1½ year + 1-3 work experience I’ll be prep. The future is looking good.

    Question 3: How do you wish to answer that question?

    Answer: I obviously wish I could say I already started a business. However I need capital and I know my weaknesses. It would be financial suicide to try do something now in my opinion. So while I do my education I’m building a small online business up. It’s more for fun and seeing where it might lead. But I’m very motivated and I grind pretty much every day doing some work on my sites.

    • Benny

      Thanks for sharing Allan! You certainly know what you want and will work hard to get there. Keep it up for sure.

  • Benny,

    What’s up! I loved this post.

    Annie Andre tweeted me the link to the Hustle Project and I was so surprised to see that the philosophy shared, was in very close relation to the philosophy that I live by. It’s so simple, with a very simple outcome – success. Take ownership, and make your actions are in line with your desires. Basically, if you want something bad enough, you have to be willing to do the work necessary to make it happen. It’s more in-depth, but this is the basic idea.

    This has been my attitude in the corporate space and has helped form my career into a successful.

    Thanks so much for the mention Benny, means a lot.

    Also it was nice learning more about you. Who knows, maybe one day we can spark some venture together and create even more change? You never know!


    • Benny

      Thanks JK!

      I like that you add to make sure that the actions are in line with your desires. Doing the unimportant doesn’t get us anywhere. Focused action is the key.

      I’m happy to give you a shout out!

      A joint venture with you would be awesome. Let’s keep that in mind for sure.

    • JK,
      I still think of you when i think of the word “hustler”. 🙂

  • Really enjoyed the post Benny and thanks for sharing this experience with us. I know you said this venture was for your training partner’s eyes only but I’m glad you did a post on this. Okay, let’s see…

    Question 1: You’re at a party and someone asks what you do for a living. What do you say?

    Answer: I’m a business developer.

    Question 2: How does that make you feel?

    Answer: Absolutely fabulous, I love what I do and I love helping others realize their potential as well.

    Question 3: How do you wish to answer that question?

    Answer: Is there any other way?

    I am one of the fortunate few who have made my way to a better life. Am I rich and successful? Not at all but I’m happy, I make a living working from home, I’m able to support myself and I am having the time of my life. Plus I know, it’s only going to get better from here.

    Thanks again Benny, really enjoyed this one and reading what others are doing.


    • Benny

      Hi my friend!

      Loved your answers. I’m so happy you can answer those questions with ease and happiness! You have definitely worked hard to get to where you are so you deserve it 100%.

  • Amy

    Hi Benny,

    This post is great and that program sounds really interesting…I might have to try it.
    Right now, my answer to number one would be that I’m a stay-at-home mom. It makes me feel good, but not quite “me,” either. I would actually like to steal your answer to #3 word for word! 🙂
    I’m glad I found your blog. I’m looking forward to coming back (I already subscribed).
    As an aside, I’m sure you hear this all the time, but the song “Benny and the Jets” has been running through my head the entire time I’ve been here. 🙂

    • Benny

      If you’re looking to start an online business, it would be a good program. Sure I could read up on how to do it but they demand accountability and action plus with bi-weekly webniars covering a different topic. There’s a 30 day guarantee and you could do it for 29 and cancel and get your money back.

      You sure can steal my #3 answer! I see people writing down their goals and I think to myself, “that’s what I want to do exactly!”

      Hahaha..you’re not the first to get Benny and the Jets stuck in your head. My middle school PE coach used to call me that. 🙂

      So glad you came by Amy! Thanks so much for sharing!

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  • Serious post Benny! I’m in total agreement, if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing right now, then you need to be doing something serious to eventually get wherever you want to be.

    You’re probably one of the hardest working guys I see on the internet right now – posting articles, on twitter, commenting on people’s blogs. You’re everywhere!

    But the hard works paying dividends. Really seems like your brand is starting to take off.

    • Benny

      Thanks Paul! It’s crowded in the blogosphere and I’m just trying to stand out and attract people who get my message.

      Glad you took the time from your busy schedule to jump in here!

  • This is an awesome post. I can totally relate to you about the money thing because it just makes so much sense. I just wrote a post about that and I’d be willing to do a guest blog about the money and passions if you’re interested. Check out my blog and let me know.

    • Benny

      Thanks Timothy. I see you’re a new blogger. Congrats on getting started. I know if you keep it up you’ll find many wonderful benefits that come along with blogging. As for guest posting, I haven’t opened it up yet but do keep an eye in the future.

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  • Benny,
    I read your blog because your answer to question three is already true. Keep up the good work. “If you build it, they will come.”

    • Benny

      Thanks so much Aaron. I appreciate that!

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  • This is a great post. The word ‘hustle’ drew me to it, because that is a word that perfectly describes where I am going in life. Like you said, there’s nothing wrong with working hard when you’re doing something you love, versus something you hate.

    My dream job is to interview celebs and other interesting people for my blog. I am a huge fan of stories, and I believe everyone has one. One day my dream job will no longer be a dream, because I can just see it all happening so clearly.

    • If you’re doing work you love, it’ll never feel like work. That’s what I’ve heard. I know that’s what I would love as well. Your dream job sounds like it can be a reality!

  • That’s right.
    Nice writing.